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2012年,HouseOfHello在香港创立,官网。创始人兼首席设计师Tina Lee认为:每个女人都有一种“范儿”,一个精致且贴合女人气质的包包则是这种“范儿”的最佳体现。2013年,以“恶搞”经典包款为主打风格的HouseOfHello在网络迅速走红,设计师在颠覆传统款式的同时,将“为极致优雅而绽放”这一品牌文化融入到了每一个产品中!

HouseOfHello was founded in 2012. Founder and designer Tina Lee thinks every woman has her own aura, and a delicate bag that fits the woman’s character and temperament is the best expression of this “aura”. In 2013, House of Hello, using “spoof” as its main style, became rapidly popular on the internet and its designer incorporated its brand culture “blossom for the ultimate elegance” into each one of its products while subverting the traditional style.


HouseOfHello's "spoof", supervised and produced by Spring International (Hong Kong) Development Co., Ltd., adhering to a management concept of not blindly pursuing expansion and with a design attitude of excellence, is the re-subversion of foreign classic brands- Kelly and Birkin, and it has the courage to accept criticism. Shenzhen Hello Spring Fashion Co., Ltd. took full responsibility of all matters of House Of Hello in Chinese mainland market since 2015. Each bag is meticulously made by manufacturers who have more than 5 years of working experience, manifesting the brand's texture and taste, enabling everyone to embrace classics with civilian prices and top quality materials.


 HouseOfHello 产品设计大胆,用料考究,做工精细,当你感受眼前的这款产品,你可以分辨出手感细致的牛皮,羊皮制作的内衬,还有做工精致的五金配件与背带,不但拥有高端奢侈品的享受,又可以充分感受感受到设计者的细致体贴。HouseOfHello 已经将质感体验融入到每一道工序和细节,始终引领 HouseOfHello 品牌走在潮流尖端。

HouseOfHello products have bold design, carefully chosen materials and exquisite workmanship, and when you feel the product in front of you, you can tell the delicate cowhide, sheepskin lining; and delicately crafted hardware accessories and strap not only gives it a high-end luxurious feeling, but you can also fully feel the meticulous consideration the designer put in it.
HouseOfHello has combined the quality and texture experience into each stage of production and details, always leading HouseOfHello brands to be at the forefront of the trend.



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